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  • Broadcasting since 1993
  • A highly rated show of excellence on New York's public station WNYE 91.5FM
  • Provides the most engaging, lively and entertaining content for its Greek as well as for its wide and diverse audience in the U.S and worldwide
  • Offers the finest Greek radio programming
  • AKTINA FM Speaks your language!
  • The Only Greek American radio broadcasting in English and through an innovative bilingual format (Greek and English)
  • Streaming 24/7 online at the highest bit rate of 320Kbps for crystal clear sound on all available audio browsers and accessible on all devices with Internet access
  • AKTINA FM Internet Radio is available on TuneIn, on Shoutcast.com (search under AKTINA FM) and on a myriad of other websites worldwide and web-portals providing streamings for Internet radio
  • Listed on all major search engines throught the web
  • Features exclusives with high profile guests and best-selling authors with audience participation during its highly rated series ON THE AIR
  • Provides dedicated series on Immigration, Health, Education with distinguished guests who serve these fields with audience participation
  • Welcomes requests from Publicists who wish to book high profile guests and best-selling authors.  Read more



  1. The alternative voice and choice of all listeners who seek some sense of community and Greek radio programming
  2. A grass roots radio platform offering vibrant and balanced dicussions with audience participation
  3. Your Greek radio link to the culture, folklore and music of Greece and Cyprus in America and worldwide
  4. Your best choice for quality Greek radio entertainment
  5. Among the very few Internet radios worldwide streaming at the highest bit rate of 320kbps for the finest and crystal clear sound
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AKTINA FM...The Smart Choice for the finest Greek radio programming available!


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AKTINA FM Full Profile

, produced and hosted by Elena Maroulleti, is a fully independent public service bilingual Greek radio broadcasting 24/7 online and on New York's public station WNYE 91.5FM.  It is sponsored by AKTINA Productions, Inc., and CYPRECO Of America, Inc., two very well-established, highly decorated and recognized non-profit 501 (c) 3 cultural organizations based in Queens, New York.  Over the airwaves of WNYE 91.5FM, AKTINA FM addresses and services in the tri-state area of New York over 350,000 Greek Americans and over half a million listeners from the general audience of all ages.  In addition,  thousands of listeners worldwide enjoy AKTINA FM online 24 hours, 7 days a week.


AIRTIMES:  Online 24/7 streaming at the highest bit rate of 320Kbps on this website and worldwide on a myriad of websites and web-portals that provide streamings for Internet radio including TuneIn and available on all devices with Internet access, and on WNYE 91.5FM in New York airing live every Saturday from 3:30-8pm and every Sunday from 1:30-6:00pm eastern standard time and simultaneously online.  All of its weekly broadcasts on WNYE 91.5FM are archived for a week.  To enjoy AKTINA FM's archived programs click here.


AKTINA FM, the first and only true bilingual Greek American radio show in America, was founded and introduced on the airwaves of WNYE 91.5FM in May of 1993 by Elena Maroulleti, President of AKTINA Productions, Inc., and of CYPRECO of America, Inc. Greek American radio AKTINA FM airing on WNYE 91.5FM is not affiliated with any other Greek program on WNYE, a station that leases airtime to a variety of other ethnic programs.  It is a highly rated and popular live Greek-American Radio Magazine Show of Education, Culture, Enlightenment and Entertainment. Its main purpose is to educate the general audience about the Cypriot and Greek culture, heritage, traditions, as well as the national issues of Cyprus and Greece.  Furthermore, AKTINA FM informs its listeners with regular newscasts and reports about national and international news of wide public interest.  AKTINA FM also offers special series that focus and promote issues pertaining to education and a variety of other topics of wide public interest.  AKTINA FM also provides unique entertainment with Greek music and trivia programs.


AKTINA FM provides the most unique and interactive programs with audience participation featuring high profile guests such as political analysts, experts, world renowned commentators, bestselling authors, elected officials from the United States and overseas among others who discuss current news events, the economy of the U.S and abroad, education, health, immigration and other topics of public interest.  Publicists who wish to book guests on AKTINA FM send us adetailed email and read more here.  Publicists who wish to book guests on AKTINA FM read more details here.


Broadcasting in English and at the same time employing an innovative bilingual (Greek/English) format, AKTINA FM has successfully established over the years a very wide and diverse listening audience on 91.5FM comprised by listeners from various ethnic groups and ages who faithfully tune-in and participate in its regular call-in segments on education, immigration, healthy living, crime prevention, social issues, politics, national issues (U.S.A., Greece, Cyprus), the arts, and culture among other topics.  Prominent professionals who serve these areas such as medical doctors, scholars, educators, best-selling authors, analysts, elected officials of all branches of government and people in the arts among others participate in these popular segments.  Of much acclaim is AKTINA FM's highly rated medical series "Praise of Health" which features distinguished and renowned medical doctors and physicians who provide vital medical advise and information on healthy living.  Other exceptional and highly rated series include, the two hour Sunday show "ON THE AIR" which provides an exceptional "platform" of discussion, expression and vibrant debates between guests and listeners, as well as the series "The Saturday Quiz" which airs every Saturday at 5:30pm.



AKTINA FM ON THE INTERNET:  Thousands of listeners worldwide enjoy AKTINA FM 24 hours, 7 days a week online right here, on a myriad of other websites where it is listed as a major New York-based Greek radio broadcaster, on web-portals that provide streamings for Internet radio, on all of its exclusive websites, aktina.orgaktinafm.com, aktinaproductions.com, as well as on cyprecoofamerica.com.  AKTINA FM is among the very few Internet radios worldwide streaming at the highest bit rate of 320Kbps.  AKTINA FM’s live broadcasts on WNYE 91.5FM are archived for a week for interested listeners around the nation and around the world who might not have had the opportunity to tune in live.  Please click here to visit our audio archives. AKTINA’s programs on the Internet air in full stereo and are easily accessible through all major live audio browsers and on all devices with Internet access.  AKTINA FM is also listed on all major search engines throughout the web.  For more information please call 1-718-545-1151 or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


is preserved on the air through the generous contributions of its listeners, Greek and Greek Cypriot-American community organizations, companies, and through some U.S Government support from local City Agencies.  The governments of Cyprus, Greece and the United States officially recognize AKTINA FM as a representative Greek American radio show that provides a very "unique" public service.  For its outstanding broadcasting achievements over the years, AKTINA FM has been been awarded and is still being awarded with Proclamations, Citations and Congressional Records among other awards by high profile New York State and City elected officials and members of the U.S. House of Representatives. 



Programming Highlights & Exceptional Content




Every Sunday right at 3:10pm E.T., AKTINA FM presents its popular series "ON THE AIR" a revolutionary two hour live program in two segments (second segment at 4:10pm) featuring exclusive interviews with high profile guests, scholars, best-selling authors, elected government officials from the U.S.A., Greece, Cyprus and other countries who discuss a variety of topics of wide public interest, including current breaking news and political developments in the United States and overseas, the national issues of Cyprus and Greece.  Publicists who wish to book guests for this series, please send us a detailed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



AKTINA FM, the official Greek radio voice of Cyprus in America, brings its Cypriot-American listeners closer to Motherland Cyprus with monthly radio links with the official radio station of Cyprus, The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC). Every last Saturday of the month and during special occasions and holidays, AKTINA FM co-sponsors a radio link with the Third Program of CyBC during which the two programs exchange information pertaining to cultural activities, developments on the Cyprus question and life in Cyprus and here in the United States.  This unique "communications bridge" brings the Cypriots of the Diaspora closer to their homeland.  This Greek radio link is also carried via Satellite and on the Internet by several local Greek stations around the world including stations in Australia.



Every Sunday, at 2:10pm E.T, the greatest stars, including composers and songwriters of the Greek Music Repertoire and of the Arts are profiled on AKTINA FM from its popular series, "Musical Portraits".  The series includes exclusive interviews as well as special features.  The list of the many stars who were interviewed includes among others the renowned songwriters Lefteris Papadopoulos, Lina Nikolakopoulou, the composers Christos Nikolopoulos, Stamatis Kraounakis, the Greek stars George Dalaras, the late Dimitris Mitropanos, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Dimitra Galani, Maria Farantouri, Melina Aslanidou, Antonis Remos, Manolis Mitsias, Haris Alexiou, Alkistis Protopsalti, Kostas Makedonas, Notis Sfakianakis, Lavrentis Macheritsas, Yannis Kotsiras, Dionysis Tsaknis, Miltos Paschalidis, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Dimitris Basis, Michalis Hadjiyiannis, Michalis Stavento.



AKTINA FM supports the need of its Greek Cypriot and Greek American listeners especially those who were born and raised in America to preserve their cultural identity and heritage by bringing them closer to their ancestral motherlands Cyprus and Greece with the production of unique folk arts and cultural programs which highlight and revive the rich history, heritage, customs and traditions of these two countries.  These programs which are offered in English also target AKTINA FM's wide and diverse audience.  Such programs include the series "Our Roots", "Images From Greek History" and "Cyprus Horizons". The latter airs every Sunday at 2:30pm.



AKTINA FM’s Greed radio programs are enriched with fine and representative quality Greek music that covers all aspects of the Greek music repertoire. All new Greek releases can be enjoyed on AKTINA FM, as well as oldies, including traditional and folk songs and music.  AKTINA’s vast collection of Greek songs satisfy all tastes and as testament to the popularity of its musical segments is the high volume of calls we receive from listeners during each broadcast inquiring about the songs presented and also requesting dedications.  To further serve this need AKTINA FM has established during its broadcasts the popular musical segment "AKTINA's Listeners Hour" during which listeners call in a select on the spot their favorite Greek songs.  In addition, AKTINA FM brings live coverage of several important entertainment and sports events taking place in the USA as well as abroad such as the European Song Contest, the Olympics and the World Soccer Cup.



AKTINA FM also continues its tradition of promoting community artists through its programs, thus giving them the opportunity to be promoted to its vast listening audience.  In addition, AKTINA FM promotes unique non-Greek artists and events, as part of its mission of also embracing its wide and diverse audience comprised by all ethnic groups and backgrounds who reflect the multi-cultural and diverse ethnic identity of New York. We believe that this is very important and vital in the establishment of a more harmonious society. People who understand each other's culture and ethnic background, can tolerate one another much better and this is very important for people who live in multi-ethnic and diverse societies such as New York which is the home of so many different ethnic groups.



Highlights Over The Years


a. Offering highly rated bilingual programs on WNYE 91.5FM in N.Y., since 1993

b. Broadcasting online 24 hours 7 days week and among the very few Internet radios worldwide streaming at the highest bit rate of 320Kbps

c. The only Greek American radio that provides very unique open platforms of discussion and expression including debates between the guests and the audience. Many world renowned bestselling authors, educators, scholars, political analysts, experts/analysts in different fields, medical doctors, elected officials from all branches of government here in the U.S.A and abroad among many others join AKTINA FM every week during our highly rated series "ON THE AIR"

d. Some of AKTINA FM's segments are videotaped for broadcast on its sister program AKTINA TV on WNYE-Channel 25. To watch past segments click here

e. Exclusive interviews on current issues with high level elected officials from all branches of government including Presidents and world leaders (U.S.A, Greece, Cyprus and other countries)

f. Exclusive interviews with almost all stars of Greek music

g. The first Greek-American Radio program in New York to transmit its broadcasts on the Internet

h. The only Greek-American radio that had a special reporter in Beijing, China during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games

i. The only Greek-American radio that offers full and live coverage of the annual Greek Parade on New York's Fifth Avenue

j. The only Greek-American radio program to have received an exclusive greeting message and statements from President Bill Clinton (1996)

k. Educates its listeners (of all ethnic groups and ages) about American, Greek and Cypriot history, world history, events, etc., through live call-in shows and a Trivia program

l. News coverage with regular newscasts and reports on current local, national and international breaking news in Greek and English

m. The only Greek-American radio offering ongoing series on Immigration. A live call-in segment appealing to all audiences featuring Immigration specialists/lawyers who provide valuable information and updates on immigration issues

n. The only Greek-American radio offering ongoing live call-in series on Health. The series entitled, "Praise of Health" features high profile Medical Doctors and experts who provide medical advice and updates on health issues and answer to questions from the audience

o. Promotes the arts and local artists (Greek and non-Greek) through the production of live music and folk arts programs

p. Produces and presents programs dealing with the rich culture and heritage of Cyprus and Greece through its successful series, CYPRUS HORIZONS, OUR ROOTS, IMAGES FROM GREEK HISTORY

q. Enlightens and informs its listeners (Greek and non-Greek of all ages), about various topics of wide public interest (education, crime, health issues, quality of life, national issues, etc.)

r. Informs its listeners (Greek and non-Greek) about the national issues of Cyprus and Greece with special news reports, as well as hard news segments prepared and presented by its reporters in those two countries, as well as here in America

s. It focuses on a variety of topics concerning the Arts in Queens (mainly) and New York City in general. It promotes as a public service, arts events, and people in the arts (Greek and non-Greek)


AKTINA FM Principal Volunteer Staff

Elena Maroulleti, Founder, Executive Producer/Host, Vlassis Anastasiou, host of "AKTINA's Sports", Caroline Ioannou, Senior Production Assistant, Tom Stouras, Radio and TV Production Support, Videographer, Penny Chapman and Elpida Tsoulogiannis, Production Assistants. John Ladley of John Ladley Audio Services, is the show’s Head Engineer who also maintains AKTINA FM’s studios. AKTINA FM is also supported by a team of seasonal Interns and other volunteers while it also has several important contributors in the Academic field in the United States and Greece.

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